श्रीमद् भगवद्गीता

मूल श्लोकः

अर्जुन उवाच

किं तद्ब्रह्म किमध्यात्मं किं कर्म पुरुषोत्तम।

अधिभूतं च किं प्रोक्तमधिदैवं किमुच्यते।।8.1।।


English Translation By By Dr. S. Sankaranarayan

8.1. Arjuna Said What is that Brahman ? What is termed the Lord-of-the-self (adhyatma) ? What is action ? O the Best-of-persons ! What is stated to be the Lord-of -material-things (adhibhuta) ? What is called Lord-of-divinities (adhidaiva) ?

English Translation by Shri Purohit Swami

8.1 "Arjuna asked: O Lord of Lords! What is that which men call the Supreme Spirit, what is man's Spiritual Nature, and what is the Law? What is Matter and what is Divinity?

English Translation Of Sri Shankaracharya's Sanskrit Commentary By Swami Gambirananda

8.1 See Commentary under 8.2.