श्रीमद् भगवद्गीता

मूल श्लोकः

द्रोणं च भीष्मं च जयद्रथं च

कर्णं तथाऽन्यानपि योधवीरान्।

मया हतांस्त्वं जहि मा व्यथिष्ठा

युध्यस्व जेतासि रणे सपत्नान्।।11.34।।


English Translation By Swami Gambirananda

11.34 You destroy Drona and Bhisma, and Jayadratha and Karna as also the other heroic warriors who have been killed by Me. Do not be afraid. Fight! You shall coner the enemies in battle.

English Translation Of Sri Shankaracharya's Sanskrit Commentary By Swami Gambirananda

11.34 By saying, 'who have been killed by Me,' the Lord names Drona and those very warriors with regard to whom Arjuna had (his) doubts. Now then, uncertainty with regard to Drona and Bhisma is well-founded. Drona was the teacher of the science of archery, and was eipped with heavenly weapons; and particularly, he was his (Arjuna's) own teacher and most respected. Bhisma was destined to die at will, and possessed heavenly weapons. He fought a duel with Parasurama and remained unvanished. So also Jayadratha-whose father was performing an austerity with the idea that anyone who made his son's head fall on the ground would have even his own head fall. Since Karna also was eipped with an unerring spear given by Indra, and was a son of the Sun, born of a maiden (Kunti), therefore he is referred to by his own name itself. As a mere instrument, tvam, you; jahi, destory them; who have been hatan, killed; maya, by Me. Ma, do not; vyathisthah, be afraid of them. Yuddhyasva, fight. Jetasi, you shall coner; the sapatnan, enemies-Duryodhana and others; rane, in battle.

English Translation By Swami Sivananda

11.34 Drona, Bhishma, Jayadratha, Karna and other brave warriors these are already slain by Me: do thou kill; be not distressed with fear; fight and thou shalt coner thy enemies in battle.