श्रीमद् भगवद्गीता

मूल श्लोकः

मन्मना भव मद्भक्तो मद्याजी मां नमस्कुरु।

मामेवैष्यसि युक्त्वैवमात्मानं मत्परायणः।।9.34।।


Sanskrit Commentary By Sri Ramanuja

।।9.34।।मन्मना भव मयि सर्वेश्वरे निखिलहेयप्रत्यनीककल्याणैकताने सर्वज्ञे सत्यसंकल्पे निखिलजगदेककारणे परस्मिन् ब्रह्मणि पुरुषोत्तमे पुण्डरीकदलामलायतेक्षणे स्वच्छनीलजीमूतसंकाशे युगपदुदितदिनकरसहस्रसदृशतेजसि लावण्यामृतमहोदधौ उदारपीवरचतुर्बाहौ अत्युज्जवलपीताम्बरे अमलकिरीटमकरकुण्डलहारकेयूरकटकादिभूषिते,अपारकारुण्यसौशील्यसौन्दर्यमाधुर्यगाम्भीर्यौदार्यवात्सल्यजलधौ अनालोचितविशेषाशेषलोकशरण्ये सर्वस्वामिनि तैलधारावद् अविच्छेदेन निविष्टमना भव।तद् एव विशिनष्टि -- मद्भक्तः अत्यर्थमत्प्रियत्वेन युक्तो मन्मनो भव इत्यर्थः।पुनः अपि विशिनष्टि -- मद्याजी अनवधिकातिशयप्रियमदनुभवकारि -- तमद्यजनपरो भव।यजनं नाम परिपूर्णशेषवृत्तिः? औपचारिकसांस्पर्शिकाभ्यवहारिकादिसकलभोगप्रदानरूपो हि यागः।यथा मदनुभवजनितनिरवधिकातिशयप्रीतिकारितमद्यजनपरो भवसि तथा मन्मना भव इत्युक्तं भवति।पुनः अपि तद् एव विशिनष्टि -- मां नमस्कुरु? अनवधिकातिशयप्रियमदनुभवकारितात्यर्थप्रियाशेषशेषवृत्तौ अपर्यवस्यन् मयि अन्तरात्मनि अतिमात्रप्रह्वीभावव्यसायं कुरु।मत्परायणः अहम् एव परम् अयनं यस्य असौ मत्परायणः? मया विना आत्मधारणासंभावनया मदाश्रय इत्यर्थः।एवम् आत्मानं युक्त्वा मत्परायणः त्वम् एवम् अनवधिकातिशयप्रीत्या मदनुभवसमर्थं मनः प्राप्य माम् एव एष्यसि। आत्मशब्दो हि अत्र मनोविषयः।एवंरूपेण मनसा मां ध्यात्वा माम् अनुभूय माम् इष्टवा मां नमस्कृत्य मत्परायणो माम् एव प्राप्स्यसि इत्यर्थः।तद् एवं लौकिकानि शरीरधारणार्थानि वैदिकानि च नित्यनैमित्तिकानि कर्माणि मत्प्रीतये मच्छेषतैकरसो मया एव कारित इति कुर्वन् सततं मत्कीर्तनयजननमस्कारादिकान् प्रीत्या कुर्वाणो मन्नियाम्यं निखिलजगत् मच्छेषतैकरसम् इति च अनुसंदधानः? अत्यर्थप्रियमद्गुणगणं च अनुसंधाय अहरहः उक्तलक्षणम् इदम् उपासनम् उपादधानो माम् एव प्राप्स्यसि।

Hindi Translation By Swami Ramsukhdas

।।9.34।। तू मेरा भक्त हो जा, मेरेमें मनवाला हो जा, मेरा पूजन करनेवाला हो जा और मेरेको नमस्कार कर। इस प्रकार मेरे साथ अपने-आपको लगाकर, मेरे परायण हुआ तू मेरेको ही प्राप्त होगा।


English Translation By Swami Adidevananda

9.34 Focus your mind on Me, be My devotee, be my worshipper. Bow down to Me. Engaging your mind in this manner and regarding Me as the supreme goal, you will come to Me.

English Translation of Ramanuja's Sanskrit Commentary By Swami Adidevananda

9.34 Focus your mind on Me; fix your mind on Me uninterruptedly like a continous stream of oil - on Me the Ruler of rulers, antagonistic to all that is evil, the sole abode of auspiciousness, omniscient, whose resolve is always true, the sole cause of the entire universe, the Supreme Brahman, the Supreme Person; on Me, of long large eyes like a lotus petal; who has the complexion of a clear blue cloud; whose shining lustre is like that of a thousand suns simultaneously risen; on Me, the great ocean of the nectar of beauty; of four arms, noble and strong, and of brilliant yellow raiment; on Me, adorned with a pure crown, fish-shaped ear-rings, garlands, bracelet on the arms and bangles at the wrist; on Me, the ocean of infinite mercy, affability, beauty, sweetness, majesty, magnanimity and parental affection; on Me, the refuge of all without exception and without regard to their differences; on Me the Lord of all. Sri Krsna again makes the same clear. Be My devotee. Be one whose mind is focussed on Me by contemplating on Me as exceedingly dear. Such is the meaning. He makes thie yet clearer. Be My worshipper, namely, become engaged in My worship, which you have begun to practise by your experience of Me as supremely dear and unlimited and unsurpassed. What is called worship is the conduct of one who realises that he is absolutely a subsidiary - (Sesa) of God. Worship consists also in offering all things of enjoyment such as waving of lights etc., all those things which come into bodily contact like garlands, sandal paste etc., and those meant for offering like food preparations and other edibles. The meaning is this: Let your mind be focussed on Me so as to be engaged in My worship, resulting from love which is unlimited and unsurpassed and which is born from the experience of Myself. Again Sri Krsna expounds the same: Bow down to Me. Do not be satisfied only with services of one who is absolutely subsidiary to me. Do services which are incomparably dear and animated by an experience of Myself who is dear and unlimited and unsurpassed. Also bow down to Me in utter humility, regarding Me as the supreme goal, i.e., He who is the supreme abode and the supreme goal. The meaning is that having resorted to Me, it is impossible for you to live without Me. Having disciplined the mind in this way and considering Me as the supreme goal, you will thus, through love which is unsurpassed and incomparable, obtain a mind which is fit for experiencing Me. You will then reach Me alone. Here the term Atman stands for the mind. The import is that, holding Me as the sole support, possesing a mind of this kind, meditating on Me, experiencing Me, worshipping Me and bowing down to Me - you will reach Me alone. Thus, with such a turn of mind you carry on, for pleasing Me alone, your secular works for bodily sustenance and Vedic activities like obligatory and occasional rites, regarding them as actuated by Me and finding sole joy in absolute subservience to Me. You shall ever engage yourself in praising My names with love and in endeavouring to serve Me and bowing down to Me etc. You shall contemplate on the entire universe as being under My rule and being subsidiary (Sesa) to Me. Contemplating on the multitudes of My attributes, which are exceedingly dear to you, and practising every day this worship as described, you will reach Me alone.

English Translation By Swami Gambirananda

9.34 Having your mind fixed on Me, be devoted to Me, sacrifice to Me, and bow down to Me. By concentrating your mind and accepting Me as the supreme Goal, you shall surely attain Me who am thus the Self.