श्रीमद् भगवद्गीता

मूल श्लोकः

यजन्ते सात्त्विका देवान्यक्षरक्षांसि राजसाः।

प्रेतान्भूतगणांश्चान्ये यजन्ते तामसा जनाः।।17.4।।

English Commentary By Swami Sivananda

17.4 यजन्ते worship? सात्त्विकाः the Sattvic or pure men? देवान् the gods? यक्षरक्षांसि the Yakshas and the Rakshasas? राजसाः the Rajasic or the passionate? प्रेतान् ghosts? भूतगणान् the hosts of Bhutas or the naturespirits? च and? अन्ये the others? यजन्ते worship? तामसाः the Tamasic? जनाः people.Commentary Lord Krishna? after defining faith? tells Arjuna how this faith determines the object of worship. The nature of the faith (whether it is Sattvic? Rajasic or Tamasic) has to be inferred from its characteristic effects? viz.? the worship of the gods and the like. Each man selects his object of worship according to the ruling Guna of his being. The expression of a mans faith depends on the Guna that is predominant in him. A Sattvic man will give his faith the Sattvic expression? a Rajasic man the Rajasic expression and a Tamasic man the Tamasic expression.Sattvic persons or people with Sattvic faith who are devoted to the worship of the gods? are rare in this world.Yakshas are the brothers of Kubera? the lord of wealth gnomes? the spirits that guard wealth.Rakshasas Beings of strength and power such as Nairrita demons giants gifted with illusive powers.Bhutas Ghosts.

Sanskrit Commentary By Sri Shankaracharya

।।17.4।। --,यजन्ते पूजयन्ति सात्त्विकाः सत्त्वनिष्ठाः देवान्? यक्षरक्षांसि राजसाः? प्रेतान् भूतगणांश्च सप्तमातृकादींश्च अन्ये यजन्ते तामसाः जनाः।।एवं कार्यतो निर्णीताः सत्त्वादिनिष्ठाः शास्त्रविध्युत्सर्गे। तत्र कश्चिदेव सहस्रेषु देवपूजादिपरः सत्त्वनिष्ठो भवति? बाहुल्येन तु रजोनिष्ठाः तमोनिष्ठाश्चैव प्राणिनो भवन्ति। कथम् --,

English Translation By Swami Sivananda

17.4 The Sattvic or the pure men worship the gods; the Rajasic or the passionate worship the Yakshas and the Rakshasas; the others (the Tamasic or the deluded people) worship the ghosts and the hosts of the nature-spirits.

English Translation Of Sri Shankaracharya's Sanskrit Commentary By Swami Gambirananda

17.4 Sattvikah, those having the sattva ality, those steadfast in sattva; yajante, worship; devan, the gods; rajasah, those having rajas; (worship) yaksa-raksamsi, the demi-gods and ogres; and anye, other; janah, people; tamasah, possessed of tamas; yajante, worship; pretan, ghosts; and bhuta-ganan, the hosts of spirits-Sapta-matrkas (the Seven Mothers) and others. Thus, in the context of abandonment of scriptural injunctions, the states of sattva etc. have been determined through their effects. As regards that, it is only one in thousands who, being established in sattva, becomes devoted to the adoration of gods. But, to be sure, creatures are mostly rooted deeply in rajas or tamas. How?