श्रीमद् भगवद्गीता

मूल श्लोकः

अन्तवत्तु फलं तेषां तद्भवत्यल्पमेधसाम्।

देवान्देवयजो यान्ति मद्भक्ता यान्ति मामपि।।7.23।।


Sanskrit Commentary By Sri Shankaracharya

।।7.23।। अन्तवत् विनाशि तु फलं तेषां तत् भवति अल्पमेधसां अल्पप्रज्ञानाम्। देवान्देवयजो यान्ति देवान् यजन्त इति देवयजः ते देवान् यान्ति मद्भक्ता यान्ति मामपि। एवं समाने अपि आयासे मामेव न प्रपद्यन्ते अनन्तफलाय अहो खलु कष्टं वर्तन्ते इत्यनुक्रोशं दर्शयति भगवान्।।किंनिमित्तं मामेव न प्रपद्यन्ते इत्युच्यते

English Translation By Swami Gambirananda

7.23 That result of theirs who are of poor intellect is indeed limited. The worshippers of gods go to the gods. My devotees go to Me alone.

English Translation Of Sri Shankaracharya's Sanskrit Commentary By Swami Gambirananda

7.23 Since those non-discriminating men with desires are engaged in disciplines for limited results, therefore, tat phalam, that result; tesam, of theirs; alpamedhasam, who are of poor intellect, of poor wisdom; antavat tu bhavati, is limited, ephemeral, indeed. Deva-yajah, the worshippers of gods; yanti, go; devan, to the gods. Madbhaktah, My devotees; yanti, to; mam api, to Me alone. 'Thus, though the effort needed is the same, they do not resort to me alone for the unlimited result. Alas! they are surely in a pitiable condition.' In this manner the Lord expresses his compassion. 'Why do they not take refuge in Me alone?' The answer is: