श्रीमद् भगवद्गीता

मूल श्लोकः

अर्जुन उवाच

मदनुग्रहाय परमं गुह्यमध्यात्मसंज्ञितम्।

यत्त्वयोक्तं वचस्तेन मोहोऽयं विगतो मम।।11.1।।


English Commentary By Swami Sivananda

11.1 मदनुग्रहाय for the sake of blessing me? परमम् the highest? गुह्यम् the secret? अध्यात्मसंज्ञितम् called Adhyatma? यत् which? त्वया by Thee? उक्तम् spoken? वचः word? तेन by that? मोहः delusion? अयम् this? विगतः gone? मम my.Commentary After hearing the glories of the Lord? Arjuna has an intense longing to have the wonderful vision of the Cosmic Form with his own eyes. His bewilderment and delusion have now vanished.Adhyatma That which treats of the discrimination between the Self and the notSelf metaphysics.I was worried about the sin involved in killing my relations and preceptors. I had the ideas? I am the agent in killing them they are to be killed by me.This delusion has vanished now after receiving Thy most profound and valuable instructions. Thou hast dispelled this delusion of ignorance from me.The vision of the Cosmic Form is not the ultimate goal. If that were so? the Gita would have ended with this chapter. The vision of the Cosmic Form is also one more in a series of graded experiences. It is a terrible experience too. That is the reason why Arjuna said to the Lord? stammering with fear What an awful form Thou hast I have seen that which none hath seen before. My heart is glad? yet faileth me on account of fear. Show me? O God? Thine other form again. O God of gods? support of all the worlds? let me see Thy form with the diadem? and with the mace and discus in Thy hands. Again I wish to see Thee as before assume Thy fourarmed form? O Lord of thousand arms and of forms innumerable.Arjuna heard the Lords statement? viz.? Having pervaded this whole universe with one fragment of Myself? I remain. This induced him to have the vision of the Lords Cosmic Form. He says? O Lord of compassion? Thou hast taught me the spiritual wisdom which can hardly be found in the Vedas. Thou hast saved me. My delusion has disappeared. Thou hast disclosed to me the nature of the Supreme Self? the secrets of Nature and Thy divine glories. My greatest ambition at the present moment is that I should behold with my own eyes Thy entire Cosmic Form.

Hindi Translation Of Sri Shankaracharya's Sanskrit Commentary By Sri Harikrishnadas Goenka

।।11.1।।( पूर्वाध्यायमें जो ) भगवान्की विभूतियोंका वर्णन किया गया है उसमें भगवान्से कहे हुए मैं इस सारे जगत्को एक अंशसे व्याप्त करके स्थित हूँ इन वचनोंको सुनकर ईश्वरका जो जगदात्मक आदि स्वरूप है उसका प्रत्यक्ष दर्शन करनेकी इच्छासे अर्जुन बोला --, मुझपर अनुग्रह करनेके लिये आपने जो परम -- अत्यन्त श्रेष्ठ? गुह्य -- गोपनीय? अध्यात्य नामक अर्थात् आत्माअनात्माके विवेचनविषयक वाक्य कहे हैं? उन आपके वचनोंसे मेरा यह मोह नष्ट हो गया है अर्थात् मेरी अविवेकबुद्धि नष्ट हो गयी है।


English Translation By Swami Adidevananda

11.1 Arjuna said To show favour to Me, You have told me that most profound mystery concerning the self; by that, this delusion of mine is dispelled.

English Translation By Swami Sivananda

11.1 Arjuna said By this word (explanation) of the highest secret concerning the Self which Thou hast spoken, for the sake of blessing me, my delusion is gone.

English Translation By Swami Gambirananda

11.1 Arjuna said This delusion of mine has departed as a result of that speech which is most secret and known as pertaining to the Self, and which was uttered by You for my benefit.